Monday, May 24, 2010

Computing in Architectural Design

The following summery comes from the source: "Computing in Architectural Design” from Architecture’s New Media by Yehuda Kalay, The MIT Press, 2004, pp 63-81

Computing is a vital component of architecture and design. Since ancient times, architects have utilized various techniques of computing. There has always been a need for aid in calculations, proportion, and tools. Computations have come along way over time and have taken many forms, theories, and functions.
Computing aides in visualizing plans, elevations, 3d models, and communicating to clients and builders. It is also helpful to the designer who can more easily make design decisions when viewing a physical model. Also, with modern technology, computer aided design can trouble shoot issues in buildings that a designer or engineer may not notice on their own. The use of technology has provided an essential tool to architects and designers; without it, these professions could not be what it is today.

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